Key Cutting

It is always better to be safe rather than stuck without a spare key to get into your home, vehicle, or mailbox. Jantz Lumber is able to help you make sure this does not happen. Just come in and ask one of our experiences staff members to help you get a key cut Monday thru Saturday.

Paint Matching

The perfect color of paint can make a room feel even more special to you. We can help you pick out the right paint color for your room, kitchen, bathroom, or even the entire house. Jantz Lumber Do it Center can mix the color of paint that will make you enjoy your space. Jantz is the best place to buy paint in McPherson. 

Glass Cutting

It takes some special knives and skills to cut glass the right way. Jantz Lumber Do it Center has just those things to get glass cut the way that you need it. Stop in to pick out the glass and size you need, and our experienced staff will get it cut for you. Don't make the project harder than it has to be, just stop into Jantz Lumber.

Screen & Window Repair

Don't allow the bugs and wind to come into your house through the broken screens or windows. Our team can help you repair screens and repair windows so that your house can be sealed up right. Jantz Lumber is the best place to get your screen repair and window repair done in McPherson, KS. 

Re-Keying Locks

Anytime you move to a new house it is recommended that you have your locks re-keyed or replace the locks completely. If you just moved into McPherson County, Jantz Lumber can help you with getting this done easily. When you need your locks re-keyed just come into Jantz. 

Lumber Estimates & Delivery

When you are working on a house project or even an entire construction project, Jantz Lumber Do it Center is your place to buy all the needed lumber. We will give out estimates and also can help deliver the products to you or the job site. This is the convenience you know and love from your locally owned and operated lumber store in McPherson, KS.